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I am Johanna Kinnari (b.1980), a freelance photographer and a digital designer based in Helsinki, Finland.

As a digital designer, the focus of my work is on design of interactive and user-friendly media products. Digital design is suitable for developing both new and existing services.


In practise, I make user research, service drafts, concepts and content design. The methods in use in user research are mostly from the fields of a service design and applied qualitative research.


The data collected and processed during the user research is the fundament in design. Information architecture, wireframes and content design are examples of stages during the design process.


I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in digital media from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in April 2020. The degree name is Bachelor of Culture and Arts (medianomi), and the scope of the degree is 240 ECTS credits.


As a photographer, I work in collaboration with various companies. My clients include publishing houses, communication agencies, as well as companies who appreciate the value of a visual communication.

I have 15 years' work experience as a photographer for editorial clients. I started as an in-house photographer at the photo department in A-lehdet. My clients in A-lehdet were magazines such as Avotakka, Demi, Kauneus ja Terveys, Trendi, Eeva, Tuulilasi and Apu as well as customer magazines like OP-lehti. In spring 2011 I decided to leap in to uncertainty, and start my own business as a photographer.

Photographic production as a whole, customer encounters and collaboration are key customer-oriented photography skills. Photographing various topics and themes transforms the focus of work. In portrait photography, it is essential to listen to the person who is to be photographed as well as to create an environment that is a safe place to be. The unique nature of the company must be reflected in the visual communication.


Johanna Kinnari

Helsinki, Finland

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045 882 2822

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