A friend

for the user

of digital


The Internet has made it easier to purchase products and services. Hence, it is not meaningless what the user of online services thinks and experiences while browsing the websites. With oversupply, quality and service experience are emphasized.


The users of online services have different needs, skills and aspirations. A user-friendly design aims to take into account the diversity of people.


Designing digital services

Designing of interactive and user-friendly media products

As a digital designer, the focus of my work is on design of interactive and user-friendly media products. Digital design is suitable for developing both new and existing services.

In practise, I make user research, service drafts, concepts and content design. The methods in use in user research are mostly from the fields of a service design and applied qualitative research.

The data collected and processed during the user research is the fundament in design. Information architecture, wireframes and content design are examples of stages during the design process.




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