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A friend

for the user

of digital


Internet search engines, social media platforms and other digital tools have made buying products and services easier than ever. There are a lot of service providers to choose from, both locally and globally.

Therefore, the user experience of online services or other platforms should not be underestimated. With excess supply, quality and user experience become more and more important.


Users of digital services and devices have different needs, skills and aspirations. User-friendly design takes into account this diversity.


By taking a user-friendly approach already at the design stage and looking at the big picture instead of individual parts, it is possible to create a solid product for all kinds of users. For you, too.

Keinovalojen valaisema kaupunki kesäyössä.

Designing digital services

Designing and creating interactive digital services

As a digital designer, I design, create and develop digital services, working on making new services as well as existing ones, such as online shops and larger set of services, more interactive and user-friendly.


My work involves doing user research and service drafts as well as concept and content design. In user research, I mostly apply methods used in service design and qualitative research. Information architecture, interaction design and testing are also important stages of the process. In addition, I can put my social media communication skills in good use.


I have built my skill set by studying digital media (now known as digital design) at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in April 2020. The four-year studies focused on the principles of design as well as mastering the phases of creative service design.